NGM and COVID-19 virus

We are all aware of the COVID-19 virus that has been striking the world for nearly 3 months.

The consequences of this virus has also reached the Netherlands and the Dutch government has taken strict measurements to avoid a further and more quick expansion of the pandemic in our country. The staff of NGM International and their families are all doing fine and so far none of us is showing the defined symptoms of this disease but we were involuntary forced to adjust our way of working for at least the next couple of weeks. In this respect it may take us more time to provide you with the attention and service that you are used from NGM International but we are sure that we can count on your total understanding and cooperation in these hard times.

We seriously hope that this virus will not hurt yourselves and your families as well as that your business will not be affected by the consequences and appeal to all of us to do whatever extra that will be possible to exterminate this virus as quick as possible. Please stay informed of the progress of this sickness in the various countries and just follow the instructions and directions received from your government and the corresponding official health entities. This is a serious case that needs full attention and commitment from all of us.

Thank you for the understanding, thank you for the support.

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