About Us

NGM International B.V. is a family owned company located in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, that started her activities in 1980. Currently we are represented with our products in many different markets in various continents. We are an innovative and motivated organization dedicated to the export and distribution of consumer packed foodstuffs throughout the world.


Our products are carefully selected, always manufactured in cost efficient origins basis international quality and safety standards and labeled with one of our 3 dynamic registered brands : ARMANTI, BOB’S and BROLI. These unique brands represent a wide range of choices to the consumer, from competitive standard level items to higher quality products at affordable prices, and enable our distributors to offer their clients a complete one stop shopping structure.


NGM International is a dynamic and client oriented company and committed to offering the best support and services to our partners. We thank you for visiting our website and remain at your entire disposal for any questions and or inquiries.

Our Mission

To distribute and market foodstuffs by developing the value of our brands. We have committed ourselves to be innovative, competitive and client oriented.


La passion de bien nourir – the passion to provide our buyers with good food products, every day and everywhere. The BROLI brand consists of a wide range of different types of foodstuffs that can be enjoyed at any time.


Every day is an ARMANTI day ! Since the start of the brand in 1992, many people have been raised with ARMANTI products. Today we have many loyal clients in different countries that simply will not spend a day without consuming ARMANTI.


Everybody loves BOB’s – BOB’S is the youngest brand of NGM International B.V. with a constantly growing portfolio. The main characteristics of the BOB’S brand are the good standard quality and very affordable prices.







Core values


Our business has always been conducted basis respect, honesty and strong moral principles. Integrity is also among the main core values of the owners of NGM International.


In every situation and or decision we always consider the interest and the benefit of our partners. Business can only be good and long term when the parts involved also care about each other.

Being innovative

In our today’s very dynamic world we do our utmost to provide our partners constantly with better solutions to new opportunities.


We trust and we care, our word is our bond – we stand by our engagements and are always committed to our business and to our partners.

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Latest news

  • We are very pleased with those that passed by our booth at the Gulfood this year and would like to thank everyone for the visit and the interest in our products.

  • Welcome to NGM International.

  • Since the first cup of coffee, that according to the records must have been consumed in the 16th century, this product has brought all over the world many people from different origins and backgrounds together.